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Dell E6400 laptops are almost a decade old now, but still widely used. One great feature is the backlight keyboard [also on Dell E5440]… very nice in low light environments [check SHOW MORE]
For Dell E6430, YouTube at: [[ See SHOW MORE ]] for finding the appropriate utility to get CONTROL of the backlighting to YOUR PREFERENCE under Windows 10. **** Windows 10 default is “Backlight” OFF after 10 seconds of non-keyboard use. *****

IN A NUTSHELL … With the appropriate Windows 7 utility [that STILL WORKS under Windows 10], you can control the backlight ON time up to 5 minutes… not the teeny tiny max of 10 seconds!

APOLOGIES in advance if this video seems dull & tedious … goal is document AND provide reasonably complete information to replicate solving a problem to as many folks as possible. At times, step-by-step for one person is great, but super laborious for another; quick and simple for some can be a “what?!” for others; . VIDEO TIME and DESCRIPTIONS are listed [think of them akin to chapters in a book] in order that you can skip sections that you feel are unnecessary for your skill set.

0:00 …. Overview and introduction to problem
0:49 …. Demonstration of “default” Windows 10 backlit ON time
0:58 Backlight ON
1:14 backlight OFF
1:42 …. Going to Dell website at: to upgrade Bios from A15 to A34
2:11 ….. Search for ” dell e6400 utilities”
2:28 …. Go to Support
2:45 … In the dropdown menus for Latitude E6400, select “System Utilities” and “Windows 7, 32-bit” [for 32-bit Windows 10]
3:15 … Of the 3 choices, select the “Dell Feature Enhancement Pack Application”; download and install
4:13 … Install opens; start making selections
5:24 …. After restart, go to Control Panel; then Appearance and Personalization; then Hardware and Sound; then Dell Backlight Keyboard Settings …. and then there are choices.
7:18 …. Test of 5 minute backlit ON
7:23 …. Keyboard Backlight ON
7:33 …. 3 minute pause in video … Backlight still ON

FOR Dell E6430 …. VIDEO is at:

**** If your Dell E6400 has an audio problem with awful static & crackle bursts, the problem MAY NOT BE HARDWARE but software.
Check out video at: for solutions …especially after a Windows 10 update ****

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….DISCLAIMER …. This video is for educational and documentation purposes only.
Due to factors beyond the control of massspecguy, such as, for example, it would be impossible to know the specific future quality (or suitability) of materials, workmanship, and/or labor, I cannot guarantee against improper, unauthorized use, modifications, and/or mishandling of this information. Use of the information in this video is entirely at your own risk. Due to factors beyond the control of massspecguy, no information contained in this video shall create, give, issue, or grant any guarantee or warranty, either express or implied, of any particular result. Any injury, loss, or damage that may result from improper use of tools, methods, equipment, or procedures, or from any information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not massspecguy. Massspecguy and the creators of this video accept no responsibility nor liability for any actions, injury, loss, damage and/or consequences as a result of viewing this video. Use of the information in this video is entirely at your own risk.

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