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What happens between the time you click on the “Save Movie” button in your video editor, and the movie being produced? In this extremely long video, we take a closer look at this!

Download x264vfw:
My x264vfw Settings:

Full list of command line settings:

= Bookmarks =
0:00 Introduction
1:54 Part 1: The role of a codec
— 2:00 Concept of encoding and decoding
— 2:45 Two possible places to find codecs
3:28 Part 2: An overview of codec settings
— 3:42 Basics of Video Compression
— 5:01 The importance of codec settings
— 5:24 Slight tangent about keyframes
6:20 Part 3: Some common settings for encoding
— 6:52 Frame Size
— 7:27 Aspect Ratio
— 8:14 Frame Rate
— 8:39 What to set for dimensions and frame rate
— 9:07 Bit Rate
— 11:47 Choice of codec
12:17 Part 4: My codec recommendation
— 13:19 My x264vfw Settings

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